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Tyga Switches From OnlyFans to ‘Myystar’ Platform

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A lot of artists and celebrities are ditching Onlyfans after the platform announced that they will stop supporting sexually explicit content which the platform is mostly known for come October. The news came as a huge shock to many who have over the years made a living through the platform by sharing explicit content.

Rapper Tyga did not waste time ditching the platform as soon as he heard the news, not only that, he went ahead to delete the app and create his own platform that will allow sexual content to be posted called ‘Myystar’ in collaboration with Ryder Ripps of OKFOCUS.

The rapper is fully capitalizing on the news with his platform in an attempt to draw users from Onlyfans, the platform will be taking just 10% of its creators’ earnings, whereas Onlyfans took 20%. The platform is due in October will also allow creators to sell NFTs which is a huge boost as a lot of people are diving into NFT’s on a daily basis.

Tory Lanes recently sold 1 million copies of his new album ‘When It’s Dark’ as an NFT. The entire project reportedly sold in under a minute, Tory took to social media to share the news on his Instagram. This comes as prosecutors are seeking to have the rapper’s bail increased or see his locked behind bars pending trial for violating Megan’s restraining order after he was called on stage by DaBaby immediately after her set.

He is accused of shooting Megan The Stallion.

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