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Roddy Ricch Covers Complex, Talks New Album, Favorite Album Of All Time & More

Roddy Ricch

Roddy Ricch is undeniably one of the biggest rap stars to come out of the 21st century with numerous awards and billions of streams, the 22 year old artist has proved himself to be the next “GOAT” and set himself apart from hid peers.

With his debut album “please excuse me for being antisocial” shooting him to the stratosphere with tracks like “The Box,” one may only wonder if his next untitled album will shoot him into greater heights or mark the fall of an artist a lot of people have tagged “The next big thing.”

Roddy covers complex digital issue where he reviews what plans he has concerning his music, his highly anticipated second album which he says he will be getting more personal and bring listeners into his world.

“With my next project, I’m going to be more vulnerable,” he said. “I’m going to bring fans into my world more. I’m learning the balance. Like, OK, I’m not on Instagram, so I feel like I’ve got to bring them into my life more so they can feel me a little more.”

Although he has millions of followers on social media, Roddy says he has truly never been comfortable communicating with people through social media or live videos sharing that he prefers to communicate through music which has always being his primary means.

“Sometimes I want to tell people things, but I’m not the type of person to just talk into a camera,” he says. “So I’ll say things, and it’ll almost be like a poem that I can share with people. It may never come out, but I’m just expressing myself. I don’t talk to people through a phone. You’ve always known me to communicate through music, so why should I have to communicate through a live video with you?”

At another point, the rapper revealed that his favorite album of all time is Kanye’s “my beautiful dark twisted fantasy.”

“Mainly because of everything he put into the album. Just having all the different types of elements to it, and making it one body of work, that’s commendable,” he said.

This comes as a surprise as Roddy has recently called out Kanye for pissing on a grammy and disrespecting the grammys after he received six nominations at the just concluded edition.

“I be really wanting to talk about a lot of the n-ggas that’s in the industry, like, a lot of the Black artists, the older n-ggas who been doing all this shit for so long and they be hating on all the young n-ggas,” he began.

“If I get nominated for six Grammys and a n-gga I look to that had 22, 23, 24, 25 of these muthafuckas and I come in here, I get nominated for six this year, I feel like that’s a good number,” the “Racks in the Middle” rapper said.

He continued, “And this year this n-gga just pissed on that shit. Like, how you think that make the world look at my accomplishment, n-gga? I did all this shit and you pissing on shit. That shit be lame. I don’t really like that shit.”

Kanye, however, did not respond to the comment.

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