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Reports: NBA YoungBoy Turned Down A Lil Baby Collab

NBA YoungBoy

Baton Rouge rapper NBA YoungBoy has been through a lot in the last couple of months and we can testify to that after following his timeline for so long. The rapper at the moment is not feeling hyped to get into the studio for collabs until he is settled with himself.

A few days ago, the rapper reportedly failed to show up to a studio session with rap icon J. Cole, making Cole to wait for eight hours in vain. DJ Akademiks who leaked the story explained that he was simply not in the right state of mind.

“Now let me be fair to YoungBoy. He told his people, ‘ima keep it real,” explained Akademiks. “Youngboy be going through sh*t. He’s living life, he’s going through sh*t. Youngboy said, ‘yo, my energy and everything else, is not fit to be in the studio with that guy.’ It wasn’t about J. Cole. It was just that he, and personally what he was going through, wasn’t fit to be in that environment.”

Akademiks has again revealed that Youngboy told him that he recently refused to jump on a track with rapper Lil Baby after the rapper contacted him to share bars.

“Youngboy told me when Lil Baby hit him up for a feature. I remember he told me, ‘Ak, I’m not doing music right now,’” said the media personality. “And I remember saying, ‘Youngboy, if you don’t f**king do a song with Lil Baby, n***a…’ ‘Cause I gave him a whole list, I remember I sat in the car with him, I told him a whole list of n***as who he should do songs with. And I remember him telling me, ‘You know I can’t do a song with him’.”

Youngboy has however today, released a new song titled ‘I ain’t scared‘ on which he raps about pain and emotions.

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