Mow Awol Shares New Album ‘Absent Without Official Leave’

Mow Awol

Mow Awol has been going strong and making all the right moves ever since he stepped into the limelight. Alabama rapper is finally ready to take his music to the next level and shoot for the stars and he starts off with the release of a new album titled ‘Absent Without Official Leave.’

The new project finds the rapper exploring rap music as never seen before by a newbie, perfectly executing style and instrumentals in a unique way that tells he’s not here to fail, bringing the streets to the recording boot, fueled by extreme raw honesty and a deep reverence for truth.

“I grew up fighting, just ask my cousin UFC pro mixed martial artist Brok Weaver,” commented the clearly passionate Mow Awol. “I am bringing that same energy to the rap world. The same spirit that saw me go outlaw and on the run from the Navy. My new album has all of that and more. I decided to stop letting anyone hold me back, to influence my son to always pursue his dreams no matter what!”

Mow Awol values the messages his works convey to fans as it can clearly be seen in a series of visualizer videos that carry his message well on his growing YouTube channel and TikTok. ‘Absent Without Official Leave’ is available for streaming on major platforms. Check it out via Spotify below and let us know what you think via comment below.

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