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Lena Waithe & Def Jam Launch New Label ‘Hillman Grad Records’

Lena Waithe

Lena Waithe is collaborating with Def Jam records to launch a new label ‘Hillman Grad Records,’ according to the press release, the new label will focus on artist development by leveraging opportunities across music, TV & film and also capitalize on the cultural significance.

To make sure that the new venture will be a success Waithe is joined by Tebs Maqubela who previously worked in Brockhampton camp who will be the new labels Head of A&R alongside Albert Cooke who formerly worked with Island Def Jam as the new Artist Development executive.

“Music and storytelling have always gone hand in hand. And I think that’s because musicians are the storytellers we love the most,” said Lena Waithe. “They can take complex emotions and simplify it in four minutes, the same artist can sing about the revolution and falling in love. Music is a part of us. It’s so often connected to our fondest and sometimes our darkest memories. Musicians tell our story. At Hillman Grad Productions we believe in identifying and amplifying new talent, and we want to continue to do that in the music industry. Jeff Harleston and his phenomenal team at Def Jam have given us their trust and their resources to help develop artists that not only have potential, but staying power. We look forward to the journey ahead.”

“Lena Waithe has established herself as one of the most artistically and commercially successful creators and storytellers at work today,” said Jeff Harles­ton. “Lena has a profound understanding of and appreciation for music. After making her mark on television as an actor and writer, then smoothly shifting gears into her role as a film producer and CEO, it follows that she would now spread her wings at the helm of this exciting new record label. Def Jam is the perfect partner for Lena Waithe’s new Hillman Grad venture, and we look forward to bringing her musical vision to life.”


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