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Bobby Shmurda Says Only 50 Cent Reached Out And Tried To Bail Him Out

Bobby Shmurda

Since his release from prison on Tuesday (Feb. 23), after years behind bars for conspiring to commit murder, reckless endangerment, and gun and drug possession along with his crew GS9 cohorts, Shmurda has been carefully and patiently plotting his comeback to the music industry.

On his first day out, the rapper did an interview for GQ magazine revealing how he survived prison and remained motivated throughout the trying period.

“My spirit’s always gon’ be up,” he said. “I used to sleep next to people who had 40 to life. People who’ve been in there for 30 years and haven’t laughed–I’d have them crying all day. When you got good energy, no matter where you at, you can bring a smile to someone’s face.”

Back in 2017 while he was still behind bars, Bobby did an interview with Miss2Bees on which he said rapper 50 Cent was the only person that who reached out to him to try and bail him out. “The only one who really contacted us was 50. Everyone else is just talk They do it for the people. The only one that is real is 50,” Shmurda said to the host.

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