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Actor Michael Rainey Jr. Narrates Heartbreaking Traffic Stop Incident With Police Officer

Michael Rainey Jr.

Michael Rainey Jr. has been speaking out a lot lately and saying exactly what’s on his mind, the ‘power’ actor took to his Instagram to narrate what happened between him and a police officer, fortunately for Rainey Jr. he had his camera on record which he says saved his life.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Rainey said he was pulled over in traffic for no reason and that the officer already had his hands on his gun ready to pull the trigger.

“This guy was bout to shoot me I swear that camera saved my life,” Rainey wrote in the caption to his story. “Look what he does as soon as he looks into the lens. someone please send me his precinct or whatever if you know. These power-tripping ass police need they badge taken. Unlawful traffic stop.”

“Didn’t even pull me over. Didn’t tell me what I was being pulled over for. Just came to whip yelling and shit wit his hand on his gun. This guy also said stop reaching while I was looking for my license, I guess he was tryna come up with a reason to shoot me.”

The actor earlier this month called out Swizz Beatz and Timbaland for selling their ‘Verzuz’ platform to Triller in exchange for becoming “large shareholders” in the Triller network labeling them sell-outs, he also called out Jay-Z for selling his streaming platform Tidal to Jack Dorsey’s Company Square in a grand $297 million deal.

“Sellouts,” Rainey wrote on his Whereis22 Instagram account. “Can’t ever jus have something of our own it’s always bout the money. Cool move but these n***** still sellouts.” “N I feel the same way about Jay Z selling Tidal so don’t come to me wit that argument!!”

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